Painfully Slow Network Transfer Speed (Win7 to Win7)

Hi, I am having very slow speeds when transferring files between one Windows 7 PC to another (both downloading and uploading). I'll be lucky to reach 2MB/s and it's quite frustating.

It's a D-Link dir-615 C1 router with the newest dd-wrt.

I've tried to follow this: [1], but nothing changed.

I have all the newest drivers for both of the PCs, and only have Windows Firewall enabled. One computer is wired to the router (desktop), while the laptop is wireless (N) is less than 5 feet away.

Help please? Thanks!

PS. The speed to the web is a normal 15 Mb/s and I'm at 5 bars.
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  1. That's very odd... are you able to wire both machines to the router and try again?
  2. I just tried this, got a cool 12 MB/s.

    Also, there is no interference between the laptop and the router. I'm sitting in a basement with a clear line of sight to it.

    Thanks for the help, BTW.
  3. Given that the LAN ports on the DIR-615 are 100Mbps, 12MBps is the max you're going to get through them.

    The only issue appears to be the wireless... can you flash the device back to the latest D-Link provided firmware and then check the wireless? Hopefully you can save your current configuration with the dd-wrt firmware to load back later...
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