Custom- cant start up or boot to any drive - lines across screen

Okay so this is my first build, my friend started the build for me till he damaged my processor so im takin over now because I'm fairly knowledgable with computers and can break my own stuff. :??: I have picked up a new processor so no more worries there. Below are my specs for the system.

As for the problem with the computer, When I first got it running, I ran my windows xp cd to format the partition, then saw its not compatible for my motherboard. The partition was formatted about 93% done then went to the screen that continuously pops up when I try to boot the system. I turned off the computer, bad idea obviously, now I can't get into my bios, cant reset the CMOS, cant boot from my drives to my knowledge.. I'm stumped and need help. if you need details just ask, I have also done steps such as replace hard drive, remove ram, graphics card, and tried to boot it. I don't know what to do.

Again, my problem is that whenever I try to boot the computer, I cannot access anything and there are lines that go across the screen showing a part image of something and the lines differ in color and size a lot of the time.

thanks for the help!

-M5a 78l-m lx plus motherboard
-Kingston 8gb DDR dram (khx1333c9d3b1k2/8g)
-tp-link 300mbs wireless N pci adaptor
-Lite On 24x sata DVD burner
-nvidia GeForce 210 1gb ddr3 graphics card
-80gb seagate hard drive - formatted (using till comp fixed)
-AMD phenom ll X3 B73 2.8 processor

-broken CPU - :fou: AMD phenom ll x4 965 black edition 3.4 processor
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  1. started up for the first time today and left my reset CMOS on over night and put it back and it finally reset it.. back in action.
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