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I'm building a new computer for the purpose of playing games and streaming them at max quality at 1900x1200.
Also I intend to do a mild overclock of both the cpu and the gpu.

These are the specs I'm going for at the moment:

CPU: I5 3570k + mugen scythe 3 rev b
Case: Silverstone Raven 3 +2 scythe gentle typhoon
PSU: Seasonic 750w
HD: Caviar Black 1tb
SSD: Crucial M4 128gb
GPU: Gigabyte gtx 680 oc

My main concern is about the case - do I need a full tower for this build, or would a mid tower suffice? I don't intend to SLI in the future.
Would a Fractal Design R3 be sufficient for this build?
There's only a 20$ different between Raven 3 and Fractal design define R3 at the store I'm purchasing the computer at, which one would you recommend?

Also any other feedback about the build is welcome.
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    The Define R3 is what I'd personally go for but the Raven isn't a bad choice at all. However if you're not going to be SLI'ing you don't really need a full tower - you could go for a large-ish mid tower like the Fractal Design Arc MIDI, Corsair Carbide, or NZXT Phantom.
  2. Im personally a huge fan of the Antec 900 series. Bitching case. Check it out.
  3. full tower cases are generally better for water cooling loops or sli or massive air heatsinks
  4. gordknight said:
    Im personally a huge fan of the Antec 900 series. Bitching case. Check it out.

    If you get the 900V2 - yes. If you get the original 900 - no. The 900 was good but it has no cable management and will not fit any sort of heat sink - a Hyper 212 Evo just barely clips the edge of the case. If you want an Antec case the 1100 is a good choice, not the 900:
  5. Carbide 500R is a largish mid-sized case that balances noise with cooling.

    The R3 looks like a great case but has a heat penalty for the quietness (but likely not enough to matter if you're not doing anything extreme.
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