Upgrade to i3 platform or new GPU?

I would like to upgrade my desktop PC. I use it for gaming (WoW, D3).

Current config:
Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.3Ghz
3 GB Kingmax PC2-6400 DDR2-SDRAM
Sapphire RADEON HD 4830 512MB
Samsung HD501LJ
Monitor: 19" / 1280x1024

I live outside US, I will give the prices available for me.

I can either go with upgrading my platform, or my GPU.

A) Platform upgrade for $184.
ASRock H61 - $48
i3-2100 - $112
4GB DDR3 - $24

B) GPU upgrade for $184.
Zotac GTX560 1GB

What do you think which would yield better results (fps) in WoW, Diablo3?
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  1. I imagine that the video card will give you the best results but I would recommend upgrading to an i5 or i7 intel processor in the future.
  2. Either way one is going to hinder the other. I'd say both.

    If you get a new graphics card, it'll be held back by the slow cpu, if you get a new cpu, you won't game any better because you'll still have the same gpu.
  3. Overclock the processor you have .

    add the graphics card
  4. I have been playing WoW for 7 years now, with multiple different configurations throughout the years and i can tell you this with confidence, upgrading your CPU will *by far) give you the most results.

    There is one caveat to this, your GPU does not support DX11, which can give some decent frame boosts alone in WoW, but you also needs windows 7 to enable this in WoW.

    Get a new CPU/Mobo/ram (you may also gain large boosts in performance in large areas by upgrading to faster, and 4gb's of memory) and i assume your FPS will double (maybe more).

    Down the road find a GTX 460 for your system, you can find these used for 70 bucks now.

    I personally am now running a 2500K @ 4.2ghz and a gtx 465 and with everything set to ultra (minus shadows, never use ultra shadows) i get 130 FPS in SW, 60 FPS in crowded areas of SW, and 100-120 fps during raids, only coming down to the 60 FPS mark during intense action.
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