How many video card in your current system.

Just want to know how many video card in your current system...

I personally allways support 1 good video card is good enough...

and SLI or Crossfire is really for people...even they buy the highest video card cannot do their they need SLI / Crossfire to gain extra power... mostly these people are connect multi-monitor..and running game on higer resolution..

and I really don't suggest buy a Video card now and plan to add another one to make it fast in next 2 year.... because Video Card generation also change every 18 month....

What do you guy's think?
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  1. 570 Superclocked. 1x
  2. One PCI Nvidia Geforce 8400gs.
  3. 1 Radeon HD 6870.
  4. Which one of my 8? 3 single Amd's; 2 Amd 2x; 2 Nvidia x1; 1 Intel
  5. 5770 going strong... waiting on the 7850/70 to drop then im going that route.
  6. 6870!!!
  7. 1x GTX460. waiting for kepler
  8. 560ti SLI
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