Need help determining if my motherboard is bad


Here is my system and temperatures and voltages when it is running.

Case:Raidmax Blackstorm
Motherboard: Gigabyte z77x-ud5h
cpu: ivy bridge i5 3570 k
graphics: integrated intel 4000 hd (using until i get a stable system and get my geforce gtx 670)
heatsink: CoolerMaster hyper 212 evo
memory: 16 GB G-skill ripjaw 1600 DDR3
PSU: Coolermaster 700w silent pro
Ssd: Samsung 830
Blu ray LG drive

CPU temp: 31
PCH temp: 58
System temp: 40

CPU Vcore: 1.140V
Dram Voltage: 1.536V
+3.3V: 3.344V
12+V: 12.312V

CPU frequency: 3831.11 MHz
Memory frequency: 1345.41MHz
BCLK: 100.90 MHz

I Bought all of my parts at the beginning of may and received them last week. I built the computer on Wednesday. Everything started up without any problems, however, during the install of windows 7 it shutdown unexpectedly. The computer has shut down or just froze (mostly full shutdowns) periodically since. The computer has sometimes stayed on for three to four hours, others, it shuts down as early as five minutes after I turn it on. It will shutdown even in bios, not even in windows.

I searched the forums and read about breadboarding. I believed my motherboard was shorting out some how so I took the system back out to a breadboard setup. Even with just my motherboard, cpu, keyboard, monitor, and memory hooked up, the system is still shutting down.

I tried running a memory test from my ubuntu disc but the system shuts down before it can complete. The furthest it got was about 65% with no errors. The memory is not on the motherboard supported list ( dummy me did not look first) but from what I have read on the forums is that the memory will still work but only run at 1333 instead of 1600. I also don’t think memory would cause a hard shutdown of the whole system but correct me if I am wrong.
I tested the setup with my new PSU and an old one that I know works and both had the same results. I am thinking I need to rma the motherboard, as that seems to be the obvious problem but I wanted to see if any of your expertise would see the issue differently and how I might be able to test it. I do not have access to any more ddr3 ram without buying more, otherwise I would have tried replacing it.

I have been troubleshooting this since last Wednesday. Your help and knowledge is greatly appreciated.
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  1. There's an F7 BIOS that's available for your mb. Try it out and then post if you have more issues.
  2. Can you run your system with just 8 GB of memory? If so, try one set of memory sticks, then another to try to determine if one of the memory modules is the culprit. if that doesn't work it could be the MB or CPU.

    I would also like to note that if your computer shuts down unexpectedly during a bios update as SpadeM suggests, you will brick your motherboard.
  3. thank you guys for the help, I am going to try both suggestions. I will let you know what happens
  4. I risked installing the bios, and luckily made it through the update. I then was able to get through a whole memtest on the ram. It passed without any errors. But I still ended up having the computer freeze and shutdown again. I called gigabyte tech support and they told me they did not believe the processor or the memory modules would cause the system to shutdown and stay turned off. They advised me to make sure I had the latest bios update and if I still had problems to rma the board. Also, I just went to newegg and read reviews, turns out there were a few other people who have had the same problem of random shutdowns. Does a memtest pass mean the ram is good for sure?
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    yes most likely the ram is fine
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