Is my PSU faulty? or is it another component?

I'll also add that i turned on the PC again the next day and had the same problem with the system crashing over similar time frames. with the interval of shut down decreasing after each crash.
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  1. Hi guys, just thought i'd post up a little problem that i've been having with my new build.

    I assembled all my parts and got the PC up and running, everything was running great and installed the OS and all the drivers for the mobo, gpu, etc and ran all the updates. It was all runnnig fine for well over 2 hours.

    Decided i'd have a crack at playing a game (It is why i built the system after all), i got about half an hour into the game and then it suddenly switched off, no blue screen, just powered off... i automatically assumed it was a heating issue so i restarted and went into the BIOS, checked all the temperatures and everything seemed well within operating temps. All the fans were running fine and the temp limits are all set pretty high.

    Got back into the game then 10 minutes later it shut off again. Hmm, ok looks more like a overheating issue. I then removed the case and disconnected all non essential peripherals. All that remained was the motherboard, CPU, CPU cooler, RAM and mobo speaker. This time it remained running for a couple of seconds.

    Does this sound like a PSU problem? My PC specs are:

    OS: Windows 7 home premium 64bit
    Mobo: ASUS ROG Maximum V Gene
    CPU: Intel core i7 3770k
    RAM: GSKILL 16GB dual channel kit
    PSU: XFX 750W 80+ certified.
    Case: Thermaltake Overseer.
  2. Well I'll say that it's not for the lack of quality high end parts , I think if I were having that problem with those parts I would be more than upset.
    The thing is that it's starting up and running and then it shuts off.
    You can try updating or reloading the bios file since if it was corrupted it would cause that kind of actions.
    I had a motherboard that was doing the same thing and it ended up being a defective bios chip , once it was replaced it was fine but before I found out what it was it drove me crazy because I couldn't figure out what it was.
  3. Haha, yeah i admit i was pretty disgruntled.
    So this doesn't seem to be a psu issue then? i was hoping that wasn't the case.

    Yeah i'm not too confident with going through and re installing the BIOS file in case it shuts off again while installing. If it's a hardware issue like what you had in your case, i think i might just be better off taking it back to the retailer to see if they can get it fixed.
  4. If you wnt to try going into the bios for an extended period of time to see if it shuts down you could try tht before a bioe update. The return to the place you gought it is another option that you can do as you have said.
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