AM3 or AM3+ , Does it Matter?

I have accumulated almost enough spare parts to put a system together. I have a spare PhenomII 955Be, 4Gb Crucial Ballistix DDR3 @ 1333Mhz (2 X 2Gb), an OCZ Fatality 550 Watt psu, MSI GTS250 gpu, an older WD 160Gb hd and a CoolerMaster case to put it all in. This is just going to be a spare/ work bench pc for now, but at some point may be upgraded more as a back-up gamer.
The only thing I really need to put this all together is a motherboard. Since this is just mainly a project to use old parts and fill my time, I only want to spend $50-70 on the board.
Is there any disadvantage to using an AM3+ board for this build? They dont seem more expensive than the comparable AM3 boards, and I wanted to leave the door open for a future upgrade to an AM3+ cpu if AMD ever ends up releasing a decent one in the future. Is there anything about using an AM3 cpu in the AM3+ socket that would hinder performance? I will be playing around with overclocking since its a BE processor. I have my eye on a couple of AM3, and 3 or 4, AM3+ boards on Newegg...just waiting for one to go on sale
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  1. The 3+ just lets you use the Buldozer CPU's you can run your setup on either.. I would go with the 3 plus as it has USB 3 on most of them and Sata 3 if you plan to use SSD...

  2. An AM3+ will also give you the ability to upgrade to Piledriver in the future...
  3. I think you guys might be misinterpreting his question, The OP wants to use an AM3+ board, he is just concerned if there will be any disadvantages to doing that as hes CPU is "AM3". I don't know the answer personally though. :P
  4. Orkie is correct. I realize the advantages of the AM3+ board. Are there any disadvantages?
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    I don't think having a Am3 cpu would receive any negative benefits by using a am3+ board. you are golden from what I can tell.
  6. Ya, I couldnt see any disadvantage, just wanted to make sure there were no issues that I was unaware of
  7. GI_JONES said:
    Ya, I couldnt see any disadvantage, just wanted to make sure there were no issues that I was unaware of

    There are no issues, sometimes we take for granted these things in our responses but, had there been an issue we were aware of, it would've been included as a warning of sorts.
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