Dell E171FPb 17" Flat Panel Display

I recently guided my dad towards purchasing a Dell system with a E171FPb 17" Flat Panel Display. We both LOVE the's awesome and very easy to look at.

One thing I noticed in comparison to my Dell laptop is this: My Dell laptop display has a default/preferred/recommended/best mode or resolution that it is recommended to run in. If you are not in that resolution, text and icons can appear slightly out of focus or fuzzy and it makes the display harder to look at. The Dell E171FPb display however, appears to have some sort of "adjustment" process that it goes through whenever you change the resolution that seems to eliminate the problems I have in alternate resolutions on my laptop. What is this and do all non-notebook flat panels have this adjustment mode?

Also, do we know who actually manufactures the Dell E171FPb Flat Panel Displays??? I'd love to find out so I could look for the same monitor at a cheaper price online.


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  1. I have the same LCD also. I read that the model is based of of the samsung 171 series. However, I don't think that the prices are cheaper. On the prices were around $415.

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