Problems booting/installing windows 8 64 with gtx550

I'm having a problem booting to windows 8 64 with my gtx550 graphics card. When I initially boot the system, it gets to the windows 8 logo screen before it freezes and reboots.

Rarely it boots completely to the desktop, but when it does, the screen is pixelated and glitchy and it only lasts about 1 minute before it black screens and my card fan goes 100 percent.

My MB bios is updated, I've tried the newest nvidia 310.90 drivers and the older 306.97, 306.23 drivers with no difference. My windows 7 32 bit works just fine with my gtx550.

However, When I plug in my old 8800gt, everything boots just fine for windows 8 and I actually had to plug in my 8800 to install windows 8 while doing a clean install because the OS kept rebooting with my gtx550. I cant find any fix anywhere on this website or nvidias for what drivers to use, etc.

Right now im reinstalling windows 7 32bit and its working fine with gtx550.

MB: msi K9N4 SLI. Pcu: amd athalon 4800+ 2.51ghz.

Any help would be appreciated! Posted from my phone. Sorry for bad grammar.
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  1. Hello again. Seems that I solved my own problem by upgrading my motherboard and pcu.

    EDIT: (BTW how do I change this issue to solved?)

    My old MB PCU combo was roughly 6-7 years old. Even though I performed a clean install it seems that the windows 8 drivers were too new and were not compatible.

    What I didn't mention in my first post was that I was about to upgrade my MB, PCU and RAM within the next couple weeks, but I was planning on checking the windows 8 status first. Instead, I upgraded my hardware early, did a clean install and found that everything worked just fine. Even while using my GTX550.

    New MB - AsRock 970 extreme 3
    New PCU- AMD FX 6300
    New Ram- Gskill ripjaw 2x4gb 1600
    Same GPU - GTX550ti

    Old MB- MSI K9N4 SLI
    Old PCU- AMD Athalon 4800+ dualcore 2.51ghz
    Old Ram- Corsair XMS 4x1gb

    Not sure if this will help anyone who is having the same problem. I have found tons of issues with Windows 8 pro 64 bit and the newer GTX nvidia graphics cards. Most have to do with Driver issues.

    Good luck to you all :hello:
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