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How to install frontpage 2003 with windows 7

I have a new laptop with windows 7. I purchased Office 2010 and it is already installed. When installing Frontpage 2003 it wants a version of office so I referred it to the c: drive, but the program didn't seem to see the 2010 office version, so I found my old office 2003 cd and refered it to the CD drive where I put it and it still would not allow me to continue. I have read where people said they have not had any problem installing frontpage on Windows 7, but are they using a new version of office? Can you help?
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    Use the replacement for Frontpage, Microsoft web expressions.
  2. install the original office suite first with frontpage. Then install/upgrade the rest of the software which you recently purchased.
  3. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. I only had a Office 2000 and then the upgraded Frontpage 2003. I really hated to put old software on my new computer so I broke down and purchased the Expression software, which is close enough to Frontpage for me to make basic changes without having to learn a lot. Guess I will have fun learning a new software, unfortunately, I wasn't looking for that experience. I appreciate eveyone's assistance.
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