Help me diagnose possible GPU failure.

O k, so recently I went to upgrade my memory and power supply when I found out my PSU was dying and it was not powering any case fans or PSU fans, GPU/CPU fan worked fine. I replaced PSU and it solved the issue. I also put some new memory in but later removed it.

Ever since I swapped my PSU, when playing the game Crysis on single player my screen glitches and the came eventually crashes. I put my GPU to stock settings, lowered graphics, re-installed Crysis and played other games. All other games run fine, no crashes. I ran MSI Kombuster and OCCT with no issues (slightly unsure how to read graphs).

My GPU never saw above 60 degrees Celsius when fans were not working.

I have new memory coming Wed or Thurs.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this problem?
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  1. what is your PSU. and gpu. and CPU. you gave us no info
  2. Asus M4a785td-m evo mobo
    AMD Athlon II x4 64 CPU
    PNY Nvidia 9800gt GPU
    Corsair tx750v2 PSU
    Kingston KVR1333D3N9K2/2G RAM as well as one 4GB stick same specs.
  3. Sorry I forgot to mention.
  4. You have to troubleshoot:

    1. Try your graphics card in another system.
    2. Try a different PSU in your system.

    I suspect it is your graphics card. Crysis is probably stressing it more than other games.

    FURMARK is very intensive. If you run it do you get graphical corruption?

    Regardless, you should always run MEMTEST to test your System RAM if you haven't done so: (BIOS must have CD or USB prior to the hard drive in the BOOT ORDER)
  5. 9800GT? Old card. Might be time for a new one.
  6. I bought the card when it was old technology, probably has seen 1 year of use.
  7. Got my G.skill memory today, installed it with no luck.
    Reset bios and updated all drivers, no luck.
    Ended up trying to play crysis for a bit and eventually i got to a new area and the lag/glitching went away all together, I just played for 2 hours no problems. Anyone think they might know what was going on?
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