Max temp without damaging GeForce 8600GT GPU Card

What is the Max Temperature or Average temperature for this card and what should it run at when idle or when its running games?

Its at 65 now when I'm running Skype, Minecraft Bukkit Server and the program I used to check it is speecy and also my Computer is Windows Vista.
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  1. It would be best to keep it under 90C while under load.
  2. So is 70 Degrees Celsius Okay Because im running Minecraft And Server
  3. Yes, that sounds ok, is it overclocked?
  4. No its not Overclocked.
    But when i turn it on it idles at 65 degrees celcius.
    Gradually it goes up when I use more graphic demanding Programs such as Mimecraft, And you tube sometimes.

    Im just a bit worried that The graphics card may burn out.
    And By the way my computer has 3 fans but apparently only 2 are on. Is this Normal?
  5. Yes, this is fine, what is the fan speed during 'normal' use?
  6. Normal use as in Casual Internet Browsing? Or gaming?
    Normally The Fans Run at around 1200RPM
  7. The fan speed of the GPU? Usually shown in GPU-Z.
  8. Where is that?
  9. Well I guess Nothing is going to help me
  10. The performance tab of GPU-Z. The temps are not bad but they may be able to be improved if the fan isn't already at full speed.
  11. How Do I increase fan speed?
  12. You can mod the BIOS to change fan settings or you could also use some software such as Rivatuner.
  13. there is fan controll in drivers. i have 9500GT on desktop, it idles @60 runs on 85 during gaming.
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