(solved) Looking for an usb 3.0 connector/adapter for pci express

Hey guys, I'm wondering if a certain kind of usb 3.0 adapter I want even exist. I'm trying to find a pci express chip with a usb 3.0 connection that works for a male usb end. I've found adapters like this, but I would need to get something like this with it. Any idea if anyone manufacture an adapter that's for a male usb 3.0 end?

The reason why I'm looking for this is because my case, the Corsair 650D Front i/o panels has usb 3.0, but only with male ends on them. My MoBo doesn't have usb 3.0 and If I were to get an adapter with the ports in back, I'd have to run the cord through the back of the case which would make it look a bit tacky for me.

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  1. There are PCIe cards with those USB 3.0 connectors, but they generally also have external USB 3.0 connectors too.
  2. That would be fine with me, any chance I could ask you to find a link to one for me? :)
  3. Yup, just what I needed, thanks for help!
  4. Glad to help.
  5. If anyone else happens on this thread with the same issue I had, this is the card I will be getting to fix it.
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