I just bought an amd fx 4170 quad core processor from amazon.com

Does it come with thermal compound already applied to it? This is my first time seeing a cpu, so I don't know. All that with it is a little sticker and the stock fan.
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  1. Yes as long as you got the retail box version it will come with a heatsink/fan with thermal past applied to the heatsink. Since it does not look like it from your post make sure your mainboard has the latest bios update to support the FX before you install it other wise it may not work with it until you do.
  2. I have an MSI 970-G46 motherboard. Is it good enough? If it isn't then bummer cause I already bought it lol.
  3. See the little grey square on the heatsink?
    Thats your thermal paste pre-applied, remember to remove any plastic covering it before mounting,
    This may help you a bit along the build,
  4. Is that preapplied grey square of TC sufficient or will I have to remove and apply a better TC?
  5. It is sufficient yes,
    if you removed the heatsink in the future to clean/dust it or replace with an aftermarket model then you must clean off the old residue and apply new paste though,
  6. This is awesome, thank you guys for answering my questions. :D
  7. No probs man,
    the build guide should help you along the way, if you do have any more questions though, ask before you weld anything ok :)
    easier to prevent than fix, especially with computers
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