How much does specs of mobo & cpu matter in performance of GPU?

I am assembling a low budget gaming computer in which i will be including AMD FX-4100(4-core) cpu and a cheap 60$ supported AM3+ motherboard.
(Likely to be this:

So if i buy a good enough graphic card like - ATI Radeon HD 6850 1 GB DDR5, will it perform accordingly on my average motherboard, or i need some higher motherboard to get the actual performance of the graphic care?
Also, what actually matters in motherboard configuration for its equivalence with my graphic card?
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  1. ur MB won't have such an high impact on ur performance , But ur CPU will .
    as long as ur CPU doesn't limit the performance of ur GPU then ur good , but if it does then u won't be able to fully utilize the full capabilities of ur graphic card ( BottleNeck )
    as long as it's a 6850 ur good
  2. Then i hope that AMD FX-4100 isn't a bottleneck for ATI Radeon HD 6850 1 GB DDR5, is it?
  3. It isn't. It should perform well, no probs.
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    Yes, Fx-4100 and HD6850 it is perfect for past and this year's games for highest details, and for the next years you're fine too but you just need to lower the setting a bit ( this i say if you play on full hd resolution, if you are using 1366*768, i believe you are good to for 2 years on highest det ). Thou i want to add, if you don't have an SSD, buy at least 8GB of ddram ( 1333mhz, i don't need faster ) and disable the virtual memory ;)
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  6. Thanks!
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