Geforce 9500gt DDR2 or HD4550 DDR2

can anyone tell me which graphics card would be better I have a radeon hd 4550 512mb installed in my computer, I got a "galaxy" nvidia geforce 9500gt 1gb for free and im in a toss up between which one to use. I know there are plenty of chea better cards out there but i plan to do an entire system upgrade in the near future so for the tie being both of these cards are in my possession so which would be better? usually use it for watching hd movies on my reg computer monitor thats not even hd. and playing a few games like kingdom of amalur and such.
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  1. I forgot to mention im running windows vista 64 so direct x for 7 doesnt matter at all
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    The 9500gt is a bit better, but they are both not too good.
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