New build poor performance


Processor: AMD 1100T
Graphis Card MSI 560 448 core
8 gigs of Ram
crucial m4 128 gig ssd
600 watt ocz power supply (need to upgrade)

Basically whenever I and surfing the web after awhile the computer lags every 10 seconds for a second or so...typing freezes any animation on the screen freezes just for a second but its like every 10 seconds or so...only way to fix it is to restart the browser....also video playback is also very choppy when watching threw the browser....League of legends freezes up sometimes and takes me back to the home screen for a second also...

Then, when I go into the msi control center I get a strange beep/warning every few seconds of just browsing the overclock tab..this is w/o me changing any settings. (I know I can't OC with this power supply) The cpu nb is red colored and reads 1.151v is this the problem?
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  1. I dunno why you wouldn't be able to overclock with a decent 600w psu but... Have you tried restoring the bios settings to default?
  2. what browser are you using,
    Have you tried a diff one as most of your problems seem browser related.
  3. You need to monitor your CPU and GPU temps, make sure there are no issues there.

    Are you certain you have all the drivers installed? USB and chipset?
  4. I have the same graphics card running on an OCZ Fatality 550 watt psu, and I can overclock my gpu as well as my cpu with no problem
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