Sli Not Working Properly.

I have a GTX 560 Ti SLI config, the 3d mark scores for each card alone are 4000-4500 but combined and in sli mode i get this;jsessionid=5eeeo07jo09wusg1sc6vmdom not quite happy, the specs should be on that page. Its the standard SLi bridge that came with the MOBO, just wondering if that is the issue. I was seeing some visual lag in games before but i think it was because my old CPU was bad, the new one is much better. And the only games that seem to really mess up where physx games, but again that is all fixed now. Each card alone is getting the proper score, but in SLI they struggle. Advice! Help me out and i will send you some of my awesome white chocolate peanut butter cookies!
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  1. if you could give the specs here would be good i can't accest that page.

    Anywais, for SLI you must make sure, your motherboard is good (at least dual x8 PCI-e slots) if you are running at x4 you will loose a lot of performance.

    Second make sure your psu can handle both video card, if your video card are running with low energy they will have a much lower efficiency and lag.

    also i don't know what is your CPU but some cpus can overthrotlle the video card meaning that you will not be able to run the video card at its maximum power due to the cpu low speed.

    so if you give your specs would help seeing your problem.
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