Problem with PSU and mobo

Hi everyone I'm in the process of my first build.
I have an MSI Raptor ATX case
Z77-d3sh mobo
and a seasonic m12II 620W PSU

My PSU sits fine at the bottom of my case. The problem is when I try to push it over so it can align with my screw holes, it touches my mobo and doesn't align properly. I'm afraid if I continue I can short the mobo if I turn it on with both parts touching. Does anyone know if this can happen?

There is about less than a quarter inch of space between the PSU and other end of the case so I'm trying to improvise what can hold it in place.

Here are a few pics so you can see what I'm talking about.

I would like some suggestions on what I can do. Thanks!
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  1. What if I took some electrical tape and wrap it around the PSU and nearest corner of the case facing the camera to hold it in place? do you guys think that would be a good idea?

    Edit: I see the two screws holding the rubber stands on the bottom of the case are interfering with it sitting properly. I'm going to take these out and see if that works but then I would need something to hold it up so my fan can push the air out.
  2. Mount the PSU upside down, see if the holes align. It's commonly done, mind you... both my Corsairs are upside down too.
  3. I got it in! I ended up cutting off the plastic screws that were not letting my PSU sit properly. It fits in now, but barely. The edge of the mobo is very close to touching it but they're not touching. For future reference though, does anyone know if it would be shorted if both touched and it were powered on?
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