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Yes i have an ATI Radeon x600 and the problem i am having is it works fine for playing world of warcraft but sometimes when i am watching netflix i will get the BSOD and i am wondering what the heck is going on? Any advice or help would be great thanks
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  1. Blue screen is hardly related to video card, this probably is a Memory or CPU problem, make sure your cpu is well coolled, and check your memory make sure the contacts are clean try using only one memory/other slots check if this fix your problem.

    Sometimes it can be a bad block in HD, so when it tries to read that sector you get the blue screen if memory is ok and cpu is not overheating or wrong voltages, check your HD.
  2. Sorry am not very good with computers and dont know how to check voltages and my CPU when on netflix runs at between 50-56c..and speedfan says my fitness is at 99% and overall performance is 99%..So i have no clue what it could be!
  3. the temperatures looks ok i use normally Real Temp to monitor CPU temps but anything should do the job, i use CPU-Z to check voltages but if you didn't changed anything trying to overclock, you should be ok, you can reset bios settings to default to make sure you didn't changed anything...

    to make sure your memory is ok, remove them, clean it with a rubber and plug it again, try other slots, try only one memory, and check if the blue screen still there.
  4. i did a memtest and everything checked out..anything else?
  5. last thing could be HD, but make sure your memory is ok, i already have memory with memory, and BSODS, by removing one of them, i saw that the problem was on the secondary memory chip, removing it fixed the problem, make sure your memory is really ok.

    The HD could be the problem, try running a SCAN DISK to check for bad sectors in the HD, and check if the blue screens still there.
  6. If you're getting BSODs while streaming, it could be a failing network card. If possible, try to reproduce the problem with another network card?
  7. im just wondering why it does it with netflix and nothing happens when i play world of warcraft!
  8. gotu308 said:
    im just wondering why it does it with netflix and nothing happens when i play world of warcraft!

    like i said, it could be when trying to read a bad sector in the HD, since world of warcraft is installed in a different place on HD, maybe netflix is trying to add new stuff at the bad sector that would explain the problems, check if this happens in any other programs, if don't just stop using netflix... ^^
  9. it just happens with netflix..and did a scan disc and no bad sectors...im wondering if it is just my comp is 6 years old and its old age cant handle netflix at times
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