AMD 7850 and 7870 question

Hello guys, i want to buy one of those cards (7850 or 7870, depends on the starting price) and i have a following question.

I see they provide PCI-E 3.0 bandwidth, my motherboard its a cheap one @ 50$ ( Asus P8H61-MLX ) and CPU i5-2400. Since motherboard is PCI-E 2.0 i will benefit of all the power that HD7000 will provide?

Or my motherboard doesn't let me.

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  1. The 7850 and 7870 are priced at roughly 250 and 350 respectively.

    The 7000 series cards are indeed compatible with pci-e 2.0 and it wont affect performance what so ever. There has been a few tests conducted with the 7970 gpu and at one stage a pci-e 2.0 scored higher benchmarks than pci-e 3.0 in some games by 1 or 2 points. The pci-e ports dont make a difference
  2. Pci-e 3.0 doesn't give any advantage over PCI-e 2.0 for graphics devices, there will be no difference using a hd7000 in a 3.0 or a 2.0.

    Theorically using the IVY bridge cpu you will get some performance (not tested yet).

    But if you are going for a i5 sandy bridge there is no advantage going for a motherboard only for the 3.0.
  3. thanks for the answers, i will wait then for the 7850 instead of buying gtx 560 ti!
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