Ati 6670 2gb

hey guys ....what is your opinion about ati 6670 2gb????? i have only 300 w it is suitable for my pc.???
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  1. there will be not much improvement in that card from 1gb one just the difference would be that the card will perform better in high resolution then 1gb and will be good for textures.:)

    i think u were going with hd 7750?the hd 7750 is better then that one you mention here.:)
  2. but hd 7750 need pci 3.0... i have only 2.0 version of pci....
  3. that doesnt matter all pcie slots are forward and backward compatible with each other you will be fine with that.:)
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    check this there is not a big difference between pcie 2.0 and pcie 3.0.:)
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  6. ok...thanx for ur help...
  7. ur welcome and goodluck for your hd 7750 and with 7750 only would be an good upgrade according to psu have a good day.:)
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