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I have ( from 3 days ) a Dell Vostro 3750 computer - which I choose to buy without OS installed - more precisely with FreeDOS - because I have already a Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bits licence which I intended to install.

Unfortunatelly - gathering all required drivers proves to be a really challenging task. :(
In the end I managed to install & work almost all drivers ( Wirelles, LAN, sound, Intel chipset ) except ... nVidia GeForce 525M one. :(
Last version downloaded from nVidia support-page failed to install - with a message like : "No compatible hardware detected". :(

Any hint/help will be appreciate.

Thanks in advance !
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  1. you can try one from dell, the win7 software should be backward compatable. But dell rarely update their software. also are you sure you have 525m in your laptop.
  2. Well ... it doesn't work for me. :(

    And yes - the technical specs said that this is the contained video-card : ( page is in romanian but main information are in english ).

    In fact the source of problems could be that NSS doesn't install - it complains about being an ( exclusive ) Windows 7 version - and nowhere to found the Vista one ... :(

    Thanks for your answer anyway !
  3. Yes - I found it and tried it too.

    But if I try to install me I get a wierd error - something like : "Cannot find any corresponding hardware to this driver" ... :(
  4. can you check to see the graphic card appear on device manager and or bios? it might appear as unknow device since driver is not yet installed but it should at least appear as an item.

    I got version 285 running on my system, so unless they did something really major since, then its not a problem with the installer. I stand corrected.

    there is some instruction to manually bypass the check on the 6th post down. See if you can follow it. Good luck
  5. Wow !! That seems to be identical with my problem - at me there appear also both Intel HD video-card and a Standard VGA Adapter - which I assume is the ( not proper installed ) nVidia card !!

    Thanks alot - I'll check this afternoon this solution and I'll inform you here if this works for me !
  6. An update : it didn't work. :(

    I mean ... I managed to install it by hacking the nvdm.inf file but after instalation process is completed the nVidia GT 525 M device is shown with a warning sign on it and the infamous "error code 43" message is displayed as an explanation ...

    Thanks for the previous advice - any further hint(s) from this point ?
  7. So ... no ideea from anybody ? :(
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