Gigabyte GTX560 non-ti heat problems

hi there, last month i bought a Gigabyte GTX 560 non-ti card

and i play battlefield from time to time
recently the graphics card has been hitting its 90's in terms of temperature (using msi afterburner osd to monitor my temperature)
i play on medium graphics (im pretty sure i can play this game on ultra.. but it'll probably go over 100 degrees celsius)

heres a video of what my gameplay looks like, and on the very top left corner shows my temperature (play on 720p and you should see it clearly going over 90 degrees with fan speeds @ 100%)

note- even when im not recording, its still that hot - one time it hit 99 in caspian border, and i just closed my game

System Specs:
i7 2600k Sandy Bridge @3.7ghz
16b G.Skill 1600mhz ram
Gigabyte GTX 560 non-ti
Asrock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
750W OCZ ZT Series PSU
64GB Kingston SSD V200
1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue 7200rpm

for cooling i have a coolermaster Nvidia edition CM690-2 Advanced case.

is it msi afterburner thats playing with me, or is there something seriously wrong with my graphics card

and if i could get it exchanged, should i buy a 6950 HIS / Gigabyte / Asus // 2G 6950 Powercolor, or switch to an asus gtx 560 non-ti
the products ive listed above are the only options available, i would get a sapphire 6950 if i could, but they dont stock it

thank you
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    First of all, 100% use is 100% your video card will not heat more than 100% so if your graphics card is at 100% at medium settings, at maximum settings it will keep the same temps.

    Ok make sure your case is well ventilated, you need to let the air flow inside to make sure the hot air is going out somewhere, also make sure your case is dust free, do some cleaning on the coolers/heatsinks that can help to decrease temperature, also on hot days the video card temperature will be higher.

    if you are overclocking it, revert that, go to default values, if you are running at default values and the card coolers are working you should be ok, any problem you could exchange the graphics card, since there may be a problem with the cooling system.

    Make sure all your PCI-E Are connected also...
  2. thanks for the tips! everything in my computer is new, less than 2 months old

    but yeah, maybe its the card, i might just take my card back to the store and let them take a look at it from there

    thanks :)
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