Is a single 1.3A 12cm fan on 7v trick safe?

I have a 1.3amp 12cm fan I got from a Antec ATX case that can move lots of air but at full power (12v line) its really loud. Because I can't figure out how to rewire it for PWM control I have to run it on 7 volts using the 12v+/5v- > 7v trick. There's 2 other fans running on 12v and the 1.3amp fan is the only one on 7v. I'm just wondering if this is safe since I dont have the money for a new PSU.
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  1. Yes it is safe, one of the few areas in a computer where I will say an adapter is a good option. Many fans come with those adapters for just that "step down" purpose.
  2. I just got a old terminating IDE connector and switched the negative pin to the 5v line and then wired the wires to the power wires of the fan
  3. If your PSU doesn't kick and scream - it may depending on build design and quality, I think you're good.
  4. Ok then, though I will say that I did go a little cheap on the PSU when computer before was crashing after I got a new video card. I got a 550w Cooler Master PSU
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