Asus Xonar DG 5.1 with Tritton AX 720 problems

So I recently purchased a Tritton AX 720 to replace a broken headset. I hooked everything up. USB power, optical cable from amp to my Xonar DG soundcard. All is well, until I put them on to listen. The sound quality is only decent, and volume is extremely low. I figured I had to adjust some of the settings in the Xonar DG software, but adjusting those settings had no effect on the sound. I tried switching around which device was used for playback in the sounds settings, but that also had no effect. Then finally I unplugged the optical cable and plugged it in to my motherboard audio S/PDIF port. Once I did this the sound quality and volume was much closer to what I expected with a $130 headset. So now my question is what should I do/change to get it to work with my soundcard?
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  1. Any ideas anyone? anything to try would be helpful?
  2. Well, the AX 720 is a POS quality wise. 99% of all "gaming headsets" are crap. When using a decent soundcard, you can actually hear how bad the headset really is.
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