My First Build - How does it look? $300 Budget.

Processor - $125:
Motherborad - $61:
Case - $45:
Power Supply - $45 - $25 afer mail in rebate:
Ram - $40:

Reuing graphics card and HD from previous computer, and I'm using an external USB CD drive.

How does this look? Is everything compatible? Power supply a good wattage?

If you can recommend anything better for the same price that'd be great :) My budget is $300.

Thanks :)
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    Yes everything looks compatible and the PS is sufficient for your build.
  2. What's the old graphics card? This looks solid.
  3. kajabla said:
    What's the old graphics card? This looks solid.

    HIS Radeon HD 6770 -

    It's a pretty solid graphics card.
  4. Oh, sure.
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