Difference between ATI Radeon HD5670 DDR5 and HD5670 DDR3?

Hi, can anyone tell me if there is a major difference between the HD5760 DDR5 and its DDR3 variant? I want to know if the difference is significant enough to justify the 20$ difference that I have in my country here. Thanks for the answer
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  1. er... which cards are you talking about? i've never heard of a 5760. oem card?

    difference between 5670's ddr3 and gddr5 (not ddr5) version is that the gddr5 version is faster in performance, uses a little bit more power.
    if you're talking about a radeon hd 5750 ddr3 - the gddr5 version is better because of much higher memory bandwidth.
    prices vary at different locations. in some places the difference is minimal while in others, bigger.
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    HD 5670 GDDR3 is a bit slower than the GDDR5 version. It's got faster bandwidth compared to GDDR3.
    So technically, if you're going for one, it's best you get the GDDR5 version. Some of the GDDR3 products may be advertised with 2GB of VRAM, but that doesn't mean it's better. Higher VRAM is only necessary for higher resolutions.
  3. Yeah, I was actually referring to the HD 5670, sorry for the mistake there, thanks for the answer mate
  4. You're welcome.
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