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I would like some opinions for the community of Tom's Hardware. I am looking into a MacBook Pro (15-inch) and I would like to see what you guys think. I can absolutely survive until the next refresh, but I don't want a 15-inch MacBook Air. The optical drive is an important item (I rip a lot of DVDs into my computer and make the occasional Music CD plus software for computers software is still sold on DVDs, whether you like it or not) and I would like a discrete graphics card as I am a light gamer. While I would prefer an SSD, I am fine with an HDD and will probably update it later so that is not a problem. Here's the real question: What do you think is the future of the MacBook Air? Will it be a small hardware refresh (updates to Ivy Bridge) or is Apple going to pull a fast on me and eliminate the MacBook Pro altogether? Money and time are not obstacles to me. What do you guys think?
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  1. the new macbooks get announced on June 11th, so I'd wait to see whats new before buying last year's model. I understand they are updating the display as well as moving to Ivy Bridge.
  2. There's been some recent leaks about the macbook pro refresh:

    If rumors are true, then no optical drive and no ethernet port. Of course you could always purchase plug in accessories to make up for it. Give the above rumor a read.
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    Wait. Wait for the new ones with Ivy Bridge and updated screen resolution/gfx. That is what I am doing.

    Also, I can't remember the last time I used an optical drive. Other than ripping some music that was lost so I had to dig out the dusty box with my CDs all packed away. Pretty much all software is available via digital/download. So I plan on making due with a cheap external. And there are plenty of options for USB ethernet dongles, if one is really needed. Have had laptops for years and havent plugged a single one in to cable other than setting up a router once in a great while.

    Not being an Apple fanboy and not ever buying a Mac, the rumors have my interest piqued. I think their full blown IB Macbook Pro is going to be the BOMB! So I am forking over my bucks to their fruitiness. It seems like the perfect blend of "TAKE MY MONEY!"
  4. Whats special about a macbook? Theres plenty of mac clone ultrabooks on the horizon.
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  6. daship said:
    Whats special about a macbook? Theres plenty of mac clone ultrabooks on the horizon.

    I'm not looking for an ultrabook, or a mac clone. I need a well built laptop to get me through high school. There are other macs that just the Airs. Plus, i want the ability to play around with iPhone app making. Mac OS will be something new to play with, as I am a longtime PC owner. Plus, I have a copy of Windows 7 ultimate laying around, so I will be installing that. :p
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