I m thinking of an upgrade....graphic card or cpu

i have a core i5 650 and a geforce 460 1 gb in dilemma whether to upgrade the cpu or the gpu....the upgrades are to a core i5 3570k or a geforce 560 ti....both of them cost nearly the computer runs gta IV very very badly....but other games even metro 2033 run fine except certain moniters resolution is only 1366 x 768....have 6 gb of ram on a win 7 64 bit my cpu causing the bottleneck or is the gpu....I play a lot of games....
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  1. GTA IV runs badly even on a better than average system, so that's nothing new, but I'd go with the 560 Ti, first. The i5 650 is very close to an i3 2100 as far as performance is concerned

    Would the 3570K be better than the 650? Of course it would, but a better GPU is the best choice here.

    Also, don't forget that you'd need to factor in the cost of a new motherboard along with the 3570K, too.
  2. does my cpu bottleneck the geforce 460....??
  3. No it won't bottleneck it. It wouldn't even bottleneck a 680 at stock speed

    der psorry thought you meant the 3570k. If you're going to upgrade to a 3570k it's sort of overkill for the 460. I don't know about he CPU you have now.
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    I wouldn't think so.

    Since it has basically the same performance as an i3 2100 (which definitely wouldn't bottleneck a 460), that's not the problem.

    GTA IV is just terribly coded, so, like I said, it even runs badly on great hardware.

    A 3570K would help in GTA IV specifically (since it's more CPU intensive than GPU intensive), but the 560 Ti is still the better upgrade overall.

    If you upgraded to the 3570K and kept the 460, you'd be bottlenecked by the 460, so you wouldn't get anywhere near the best out of the 3570K.
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