Need help on what i should do on new pci e

so i installed my new ati hd pci-e card and should i disable my onbourd this is my old gameing computer or would i get better fps if i keep the onbourd going what should i do? i am running windows 7 ultimate dont no if disableing will affect the performance.
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  1. if you plugged your monitor to the dedicated video card, the onboard will be automatically disabled and you will not win any performance with it on, on notebooks you may see nvidia using something called Optimus, it let you use "onboard graphics" while using computer to energy saving, and when needed it activated the dedicated GPU, but for desktops that is not required and you will be only using it for maximum performance. just make sure your monitor is plugged to the dedicated video card, and you will be ok.
  2. ok so let me get this right turn it off or leave it as is?
  3. turn it off as the onboard graphics wont help the gpu at all
  4. there is no need to turn off/on anything, just make sure you have the pci connected, and that your monitor is connected to it, nothing else need to be done.

    the inboard will not be used for anything, it will only be used when you connect a screen to the motherboard video outputs.
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