Bf3 build $1000

I have a budget of $1000 mointor needs to be in that budget if possible
im in australia so sites like pccg,centercom are good
i was thinking
amd 4100 $119
amd 7770 $149
case:NZXT Guardian 921RB Red LED $89
psu:OCZ Technology ZS Series 650W Power Supply 89$
os:windows 7 64bit $100
mointor:asus ve2475 1080p $175
hdd:Seagate Barracuda 500GB $75
ram:8gb gskill 1066 $45
optical drive: lg cd/dvd $25
ASRock 970 Extreme4 Motherboard $90

as long as i can paly bf3 on high settings i dont mind what you guys think? the build will end up being around $860 so i got 140 to spare thoughts?
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  1. Intel i5 (any will be better than any FX).
    Pretty much any Intel ATX motherboard.
    450w-550w PSU.
    Any 7850.
    8GB DDR3 1600 RAM.
  2. I really do feel sorry for you man, if you lived in Canada for that budget i could build a comp that could play on ultra fine. :'(
  3. the cheapest core i5 is 189 and a asrock z77 is 88 if i went with intel the build will be about $950 with amd $870 i could go amd and get the gtx 560 ti thoughts?
  4. GPU is much easier to upgrade than the CPU because to upgrade the CPU, you have to upgrade the CPU and motherboard. I would go for a 7770 if that was the price to get intel over AMD.
  5. psu: OCZ

    psu:OCZ :non:
  6. Look at performance of these video cards, as they are the best determinant of how well your system will perform. I own the MSI Twin Frozr 560 Ti, and it's good enough for my budget, which was similar to yours.,3063-3.html,3063-8.html

    If you're thinking about the new Nvidia (Kepler) or AMD cards, then you'll have to read reviews that compares new cards to the prior generation ones.
  7. KUR0KO said:
    psu: OCZ

    psu:OCZ :non:

    Although OCZ is generally known for producing subpar PSUs, the ZS series is an exception. They have been tested and proven to be very capable units. So if you're looking for a budget PSU, you can't go wrong with the OCZ ZS.

    Here are some reviews:
  8. OCZ has decent PSU's. Not bad ones.
  9. ill swap the 4100 with the i3 and ill upgrade the 7770 to 560 (non ti) it will end up being bout 970 with shippin
  10. stanistheman said:
    ill swap the 4100 with the i3 and ill upgrade the 7770 to 560 (non ti) it will end up being bout 970 with shippin

    How about a GTX 480 for like $30 more (much better performance)? Because your PSU is overkill right now for a single 560.
  11. gtx 480. thats the same performance of a 570 right? but didnt they stop producing them. and will 650w be enough for 560 sli?
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    The GTX 480 matches the 580 with small overclocks as it scales very well. They're still largely in stock.

    Yes. A good 650w will be able to run 560's SLI. However make sure your motherboard supports (x8,x8) SLI.
  13. So you do need a monitor?
  14. Hmm nice find on the 480. Ill see if there's a way to send it or redirect to australia. And yes I need a Mountior I was thinking a 23.6 1080p monitor
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