Is 2 GTX 560 Ti 448 SLI enough for dual monitor running at 1920x1080?

Hello, I just got my new PC installed and I have 2 GTX 560 Ti 448 Core SLI with dual monitor running at 1920x1080. After viewing many discussions, I realized that the 1280MB ram come with 560 Ti 448 core would not be sufficient for dual monitor running at 1920x1080. If I only play games on one monitor and leave other things on the other, will my two cards capable to handle everything smoothly? Should I reduce resolution? Thanks
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  1. you will be ok running games on one display, maybe you can get into trouble running games in both screen but you will be ok in most of games.

    There will be no need to reduce resolutions, in some cases you could reduce other game settings but resolution is last resort.

    Texture resolution in games will be what you may need to lower in some games.
  2. Actually you should be able to run that just fine. The 560ti can use up to 1.5 gigs of shared video memory, meaning it uses 1.5 gigs of your computers RAM. Unfortunately, due to the fact that your RAM is ddr3, and no matter how fast it is (even 1866mhz) it will not make up for the fact that you ony have 1 gig of ddr5. You'll probably see a slight peformance loss in dual monitor applications, but as long as you DO NOT turn on anti aliasing (or have it on 2x) you should be able to play anything just fine :)

    Edit: If you are worried about gaming in particular, and do like antialiasing, look up fsaa
  3. It should do well but it would look awkward on games like bf3 on 2 monitor >.<
  4. I had one of those cards running 2 screens for a while (one with games, one with other applications). it will do just fine. it might ask if you want to change your color scheme to windows basic when you first get going in games (mine still does it with 660 sli), but you will be just fine with 2 screens, especially with 2 cards

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