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I have been partition with fdisk for a long time. I find out my friend he just partition his WD hard drive with drive utility from WD. The drive utility is very convenient it does not require you to delete old partition before repartition the hard drive. After partition you do not have to format the hard drive, it is already done. It take less than a minute to partition and format the hard drive. It took me like 10 minutes just to format my 60 gig hard drive after repartition with fdisk. I want to know is the hard drive going to be different you partition the hard drive with the utility instead of the fdisk? If there are any differences how do the differences affect the hard drive's performance ?
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  1. well.........since no one answered your post and i am bored ya go.....there is a quick way and then there is the right way to partition and format....i learned this fact in tech college while taking the mcse course. I prefer to completely partiton and format myself. The utility does a quick format and theoretically you can access old files on the drive until they are overwritten or reformatted....not through windows mind you..but a data recovery lab can, which means the disk was not completely formatted after your utility set the just use fdisk like the rest of is the prefered method of pc freaks all over.....for good reasons..........
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