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Any Difference between these ASUS 7970 Cards?

Is there any difference at all between these 2 cards... probably a stupid question BUT they do have different model names etc, and made me hesitant to buy the cheaper one...

sold from amazon by "beachaudio" ---- [...] =de_a_smtd

sold from newegg ------ [...] 6814121485
(apparently that link doesnt work... so just type asus 7970 into

now, the new egg card is
ASUS HD7970-3GD5-3DI2S Radeon HD 7970 3GB
as apposed to all the other asus 7970 cards i see on the market,
like this
ASUS HD7970-3GD5 Radeon HD 7970 3GB

does that "3DI2S" mean anything? if not please let me know, your answers will be greatly appreciated as this is the LAST item i need for my setup, ive got everything else. Baring the GFX card, because of this reason...

bit of a laugh... i asked via yahoo answers... and some idiot didnt read the question... [...] 129AAqny3j

Many thanks in advance to all who reply.
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  1. You have wrong links, can't access any of those links they are "incomplete".

    but there are 3 asus cards:

    the only differences are clock speeds, and heatsinks, any other variations should be nominal only.


    this is the neweeg one basically it is the first one (default card).
  2. Sigh... Again. Ok, do this for me.

    Search asus 7970 on, it lists it at $601 if im correct by "beachaudio" who sell the card via amazon. It is listed as "ASUS radeon 7970 3GD5".

    Then newegg sell it for $560 listed as "ASUS HD7970-3GD5-3DI2S"

    Now, does the 3DI2S on the end mean the card is different in any way whatsoever?
    Basically will go with buyin it from newegg coz its cheaper, BUT am unsure of this extended product name, from which is making me insecure about whether theyre different or not.
    I am in australia and have mates in USA who ship me stuff i want for free without going through customs, and wouldnt want to buy a gfx card that isnt what im expecting because i bought it cheaper.

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    The "3DI2S" is part of the serial number of ASUS, it has nothing to do with its specs.

    But you have to check the Memory type, memory quantity and clock speeds.
    If they are all the same, buy the cheaper one.

    I would be tempted to directly buy from Newegg, since they don't post false specs and sell at its lowest price.

    Hope it helps! :)
  4. yes, there is no difference, newegg is cheaper just because it is cheaper, they have great prices...

    this is the default video card, no differences in memory/clock, the other 2 asus cards have differences because they are overclocked and have other memory specs, for that they replaced the heatsink also...

    there is no need to be insecure, this graphics card is the standard one, and if you aren't going to overclock it you can go for it, the default cooler is great for normal use.
  5. Ok thank you very much for your replys, i will be over clocking this. Many thanks
    As i now have bought my final item for my computer build:)
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