My gt240 1gb gddr5 overheats after 30 minutes of gameplay


ive had this computer for over a year now

core i3 530 @ 2.93 ghz
msi gt240 1 gb gddr5
asus p7p55d-e lx
cooler master 500 watt psu
2x2gb ddr3 @1300mhz dual channel
seagate 500gb @7200 rpm hdd

the problem is that when i start any game my gpu temperatures go from 34 degrees celsius (idle) to 100 degrees celsius in about 30 minutes, i changed the thermal paste twice now, different companies but still the problem stays

the casing is usp 100 with 2x120mm led fans, so no issue of bad airflow, guys please help as i am really stressing over this A LOT!
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  1. surely you thought to check the vid card fan for function while you had it off to reapply Tpaste?
  2. Was this happening before you replaced your Thermal Paste?

    And did you make sure that the front case fan blows air inside and the rear fan blows air outside?

    Also, nVidia cards can generally support up to 115C... Is the temperature going over 100C? Is there a fan on the Graphic card?
  3. the graphics card overheated to 100 degrees even before applying thermal paste, the video cards fan runs at 100 (checked by msi afterburner) but still the temperature doesn't drop

    And yes all the fans are operating normal my cpu idle is 24 degrees!
  4. Did you try to touch the HeatSink of the Graphic Card? It may be an Broken Sensor...
  5. yes i did it was burning up, i tried reconnecting all wires, the only thing i did different is download the latest nvidia drivers, can it be that the drivers made it overheat?
  6. No, drivers can't make a card overheat, but I am thinking that you have a bad airflow since it is nearly impossible for a low-end GT240 to heat that much with a normal fan...
  7. so you suggest adding a fan to throw air inside or outside? because i already have one fan for pushing air in and one for taking it out
  8. And i also tried underclocking the card from core clock of 550 mhz to 410 mhz
    shader clock; 1340 mhz to 1011mhz
    memory clock; 1700 mhz to 1275mhz and set the fan to 100 but no drop in temperatures
  9. This sounds more of a badly applied thermal paste or badly positionned Heat Sink...

    Are you sure that the heatsink is making full contact with the GPU?
    You can also view reviews on websites that talk about this GPU's temperature.

    How large is the fan? (in mm), sometimes, OEM GPU's have a tiny fan that cannot cool very well...
  10. its an 8mm msi engine fan, and i shall reapply the thermal paste and get back at you thank you so much
  11. Did you mean 80mm? Because 8mm is barely larger than a pencil...
  12. I had a gt 220 and it did something every similar and it was caked up with dust, i just popped the fan case off and vaccumed it out and it worked, might wanna give that a try if you haven't already solved your problem
  13. ah sorry its 80mm, lol and thanks guys will surely try it out
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