New Install of GFX 550 Ti FPB

Hello friends - I need some guidance please.
few days ago I install 1 Sapphire Radeon on my new build , this Card come out broke and I return it.
Im getting today a new GTX 550 Ti FPB.
My question is :
What are the steps to install my new GTX ?
How I delete the old drivers from the Radeon?
Do I have to install first the new Card ?
Please help me - Im not very good at this - but I got
here near me my new computer and cannot use it yet.
Asus Sabertooth 990 FX Motherboard
8 GB RAM - 1600
Zambesi FX 6100 6 Cores CPU
Samsung 830 128 GB SSD
Barracuda 1 TB 64 / 7200 / 6gb
Windows 7 Pro 64 Bits OEM
Thanks again..................................... RANC
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  1. Since you don't inboard graphics, you will need to plug the graphics card (connect all pci-e 6pin connectors)

    connect the monitor to it.

    Uninstall radeon drivers/catalyst.

    Install nvidia latest drivers 295.73 if i'm not mistaken.

    Good gaming.
  2. Don't get 550Ti but 6850 it has more horse power.
  3. maxinexus said:
    Don't get 550Ti but 6850 it has more horse power.

    True, but it is also more expensive...
  4. Quote:
    I suggest you scrape together $20 more and get the 6850 it is a far better card heck even a 6790 would be better than 550ti

    relative performance

    @LongPast first of all, it is AMD, so it is another level. if the user is looking for Physx/3D Vision there is no reason to go for AMD also he already HAD one Radeon and by the looks he didn't liked it.

    @OP if you have extra cash yes i would recommend you going for a 6850 since it is relatively 20% better than 550ti, but if you want a nvidia solution a 550ti is ok.

    EDIT: he just asked how to install it not what to buy ^^
  5. Quote:
    No need to degrade my comment lets just leave it at 6850 is the best option price/performance for this OP PS Nvidia 550ti doesent have the performance overhead to handle nvidias Physx calculations so moot 6850 FTW Nvidia cannot compeat with AMD in the low to mid range GPU arena.

    So true, Physx is useless at that performance level. It is like putting cherry on a top of a cupcake for the party of 20 lol
  6. 6850 is about 25% faster than 550Ti

    the chepaest 550TI $90 after rebate

    the cheapest 6850 is $119 after 13% promo off and $20 rebate

    is is 25% performance worth spending $30? definitively!!! That is a whole new level.
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