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So i have just finished building my extreme gaming pc.
I benchmark and review different products but this is a personal build just for the fun of it.
If anyone has any ideas on adding something to upnotch the system alittle please help

Case: Haf 932 Advanced
Cpu: i7 3930k@5ghz with Corsair H100 (maybe customloop later)
Motherboard: Asus P9X79 Deluxe
Ram: Hyperx 2133mhz 16gb
Hard Drives: Vertex 3 SSD 60gb + 1tb 7200rpm Seagate
Psu: Ax1200w Corsair
Gpu: Tri-Sli Asus Gtx680 2gb (overclocked)
3x Acer Monitors in Surround (5760x1080)
G19 Gaming Keyboard
Cyborg Rat 5 Mouse
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  1. might want to go with a dell ultra sharp or IPS monitors. it gives you better colour reproduction.

    also go with a mushkin chronos deluxe drive instead of vertex 3. it has much better reads and writes and has a much longer lifespan
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