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Need help choosing *again*. Acoustic or Live?

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June 4, 2001 7:29:31 AM

First of all, the review at gamespot about the Acoustic edge really makes you want to buy it the next day. He said some pretty impressive things about it, excellent DVD playback, MP3, etc. I like the fact that it uses the back satellite speakers more often. But it's a little more expensive. But people who have it really love it (I think).
On the other hand, Creative is more reputable (I feel I'm going to get flamed for this phrase). It has two cards, the value and the live 5.1 (43$, 60$ respec., I don't know what the difference between them is, software bundle?). A lot of people here are having problems with the live.
I would also like to know if the Live cards support a3d. Some guy told me Auriel (something) didn't allow creative to put that in their cards next to EAX. But Maybe he's wrong.
The speakers I am getting are nothing fancy. 4.1 probably, or mercury 5.1. The mercury look nice with a remote control (100$ instead of a noname 45$ 4.1) but you can't expect them to be a Klipsh.
So, Which one should I get, the Value, Live 5.1 or the Acoustic edge?

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June 4, 2001 9:11:34 AM

Aureal let everyone licence A3D. It's simply that Creative is trying to kill it. The already killed the company by bankrupting them with frivolous lawsuites. They actively seek and take down websites that provide drivers for Aureal cards. They bought Aureal's assets after bankrupting them, so they can do that. I own a Live Platinum and an Aureal Vortex2. They Vortex2 is far superior to the Live Platinum. If reports concerning the Acoustic Edge are true, it also is far superior to the Live.

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June 4, 2001 2:31:30 PM

I would get the Philips, but you really can't go wrong with either of them.
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June 4, 2001 8:46:03 PM

What about in a 2 speaker (and a sub) setup? Acoustic there too?

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June 4, 2001 10:15:12 PM

It should be fine for that as well. I know that the Vortex 2 could simulate 4 speakers from 2, making sounds seem like they were coming from behind when they weren't. You really have to judge this product by it's features, as it's quality is already well known. Any soundcard can operate in 2-speaker mode.

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June 5, 2001 4:21:46 AM

I've ran across another review somewhere. It says again some great things about the acoustic edge. But it says it really shines with a 5.1 system. considering the only 5.1 (that's not creative) I found is twice as expensive as the 4.1 (and the fact that it's a mercury), would I note such a difference if I go with cheap 4.1 speakers/sub or would I have to get some quality speakers to know the difference?

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June 5, 2001 6:13:15 AM

I believe that would depend on the type of encoding the media uses-you can't get 5.1 sound out of 2.1 music! I can't afford 5.1 speakers, I use the front and rear analog outputs to two sets.

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June 5, 2001 5:41:23 PM

Would that be a good idea to connect two 2.1's instead of a 4.1? Would be a hell lot cheaper.

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June 6, 2001 4:09:18 AM

It really depends on what your doing. For me analog 4-way+sub works fine, because I have high-quality analog speakers. I get that from 2 speaker sets. It gives me surround, but no center channel, for which very few things I use are encoded anyway.

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June 8, 2001 6:07:36 AM

Hey Crashman, you claim the Vortex II is far superior to the Platinum 5.1--I just checked out pricewatch and its very cheap price is tempting.

My question is, do you know if it is any good for watching DVDs using a 5.1 speaker set-up? Does it even support 5.1 surround?? Thanks.

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June 8, 2001 6:33:11 AM

I don't think it's 5.1, just 4.1. The Aureal factory version, the SQ2500, has digital coaxial. I believe the Diamond MX 300 version has digital optical. I like the Aureal version. I have mine set up in 4.1 format using the front and rear analog outputs. My Live 5.1 is also set up in 4.1 using the same type of settup. Because it sounds better, the Vortex2 is used in my home theater.

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