Which 7970?

Howzit guys
im looking at the 7970's that the numerous brands have to offer and cant decide. i cant see a huge difference between them...
eg: power color's reference is 925mhz core, and at the top of the range, the asus Direct CU II is only 1000mhz. its a bump, but nothing that cant be reached on the power color!
Also, there is quite a price jump, even among the reference cards.
what would you guys choose? [:aford10:4]
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  1. Are you going to overclock? I would if your system allows. If so, try to get a binned card and an aftermarket cooler. (ex/ XFX Black Edition)

    They are hard to find. If you can't find a binned or special cooler version, buy the cheapest reference card.
  2. ja, i can basically get any card here...
    im not planning on ocing, nor xfire, but i would like to have that possibility.
    if i can get hold of a Direct CU II, should i go for it?
    im just worried bout chucking it in xfire, cause it is 3 slots wide...
    do u think it is worth the extra cash?
    what would you do?
  3. I would go Power color then get an aftermarket cooler.
  4. i dont want to void the warranty... so no aftermarket coolers.
  5. I'm using a reference design 7970 at 1125 / 1525 no issues, 70-75 Degrees 100% load.
  6. so i should i save a buck nd just get a reference 1?
    if so, which 1?
  7. By aftermarket I was using the wrong word. I meant custom. So there are a few binned cards with larger HS / quieter / more fans that overclock better. No voided warranty.

    Most brands have a non-reference design like this.

    I overclock mine 20% for +20% fps and stays below 70C. That's binned in a good case though.
  8. ja, i can understand a custom cooler, but the only aftermarket cooler i wld get wld be a waterblock...
    if power color is the cheapest, should i just go for that?
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