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We came home from a long vacation to a system that will not not boot. No lights, no sounds, nothing. System does not have a surge protector.

I reset the CMOS and then replaced the CMOS battery and reset the CMOS again. Nothing.

I followed the instructions for verifying PSU (Corsair hx520, can't link to the specific instructions) by plugging PSU into the wall and using a paperclip to connect the green wire socket to a black wire socket. Nothing happened (power cable works with printer, switch in 'ON' position).

Concluded that PSU is dead; went to Best Buy bought a ThermaLake TR2 600W; installed into machine, connected cable turned PSU on. Hit power switch, nothing.

Removed TR2 and attempted to verify by connecting to wall, turning ON, inserting paperclip into green wire socket and black wire socket. Nothing.

It seems highly unlikely to me that I bought a defective PowerSupply at BestBuy. But I am headed back there now with both PSUs for them to verify.

Perhaps someone reading this can suggest something obvious that I am overlooking?

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    Well them paperclip trick is fool proof, if it doesn't work after that, then you most likely have a DOA PSU. (Though one time I DID have the PSU unit flicked in the "off" position :lol: )

    Might as well try and exchange it for something else while you have the chance IMO :)
  2. Well Best Buy confirmed the correct voltages and I can report that the paperclip test is not fool-proof :(

    I had even performed it with a second set of eyes.... can say with metaphysical certitude that the switch was in the ON position. But, the unit must have been upside down and I was assuming that I would be able to hear the fan. It is nearly completely silent.

    So now that I know that the PSU is working, the motherboard seems to be cooked. Isn't the next logical step to replace the motherboard? I can find the neccesary model on ebay for about $110.

    Thanks again.
  3. Might be a dumb suggestion but, are you sure that wall socket is working? ^^
  4. blakwidowrsa said:
    Might be a dumb suggestion but, are you sure that wall socket is working? ^^

    yes, definitely, using power cable from printer which does power up the printer.
  5. Mother was dead after all. I simply built a new (much better) system, dropped the hard drive in and was back in business.
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