What size corsair tx or better for this build?

hello can you help me pick a power supply? vengeance c70 case. amd fx-8150 cpu. sabertooth 990fx motherboard. asus 7750 video card. 16gb g.skill ram. corsair h60 cooler. kingston hyperX 120gb ssd main and 3 x 2tb WD HDD storage. 3 x sony dvd-rw drives. gelid 12 fans. to be mostly used for convertxtodvd, watching mkv-avi movies. psu cal. says around 450w ibuypower says 750w i dont want to wast power. maybe overclocking but i dont know how to do that yet. thanks for your help.
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  1. If you are thinking about overclocking an 8150, go with extra power. They draw a lot of power when you overclock them.

    If you are only doing one card and a mild overclock, the 650w TX should be fine. (A 500w CX unit would be fine with no overclock)
  2. I think that a 450-500w would be plenty for you. I wouldn't recommend past 650w. Having too much potential is almost as bad as not having enough.
  3. thx
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