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Help!! I very foolishly set my monitor resolution to 1680 x 1050, which pushed my Apple menu off the screen to the left. Now I can't get into my control panel. I tried the horizontal settings through the manual menu on the front of the monitor and the only thing they seem to do is bring the right side into view.

I really need my Apple menu back. I'm using OS 9.2, not OSX. Can someone give me a workaround to get the resolution back to what it was previously?

Thank you so much!
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  1. Have you tried disconnecting the monitor and then re-connecting it, to make the Mac think it is attached to a new display?
  2. It's very true that sometimes the obvious evades us! Worked like a charm. Thank you so much for the quick response.
  3. You are welcome, my friend. Good luck and have fun!
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