Hard Drive trouble: wrt 8.4Gb limit

I did a clever thing this weekend...I screwed up my hard drive! Well thats my confession out the way, now I'll try to explain how I did it, very briefly!

I have on old system with an 8.4Gb limit and a 3.8Gb hard drive. before christmas I bought a Seagate 10.2 Gb hard drive and used the Dynamic Drive Overlay program and installed the drive as aditional storage (my apps). this weekend I tried to change that around and get the OS (Win 95 OSR2) over to the new drive. I used Partition Magic 4.0 to set up two new logical partitions on the drive, and copied all my files across to their respective new partitions (Primary: OS, Extended Loigcal 1: APPS, Ext. Log. 2: Data). Everything seemed fine, my 3.8Gb with the OS partition and Data partition still worked, I could read the second disk no probs. I unplugged changed the Seagate 10.2 onto IDE-0 and unplugged the 3.8Gb and tried a reboot (didn't know if a simple copy would work with a bootable OS, but I thought it was worth a try), no go. got the error, No OS loaded.

Oh well, I thought, return the system to the orginal drive and try it a different way. Trouble was when I replugged it all back the orignal set up, I couldn't get the computer to recognise the full capacity of the drive. I check the cables, everything plugged in correctly, but no go. I went to the DiscWizard program (the OS is working fine as is the system tools I have loaded on the same drive!) and created a Disk Manager diskette, loaded that, tried to update the Disk Manager and the DDO, but I seem to have ended up removing the DDO entirely from the system and now it won't re-install it, it claims there are no drives that need it!

I downloaded SeaTools from Seagate, and ran the diagnostivc sfoftware, on the generic test it correctly recognised the partitions on the large drive and said it was o.k.

One of the options on the Disk Manager was to re-write the Mastre Boot Record (the back-up only had the original unpartitioned record), but I haven't run this as I am not sure if it will recognise the new partitions or if it may actually render them unreadable and unrecoverable...this will be my last resort unless any advises other wise.

I have sent a request for help to Seagate, but I have faith in the posters as Tom's and you'll probably be quicker.

One more very quick word: I am planning on buying a new motherbaord (Asus A7A) very soon, so the DDO problem will then no longer be an issue, do you think that if I bring forward my buying of the board, I may also solve my disk drive problem?

Any help would really very much appreciated

Thanks in advance


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  1. You cannot copy windows from one drive to another and have a bootable windows unless you make a disk image copy such as with Drive2Drive or Norton Ghost.

    You need to reinstall windows. You can reinstall it over itself on the drive partition you want to be bootable.

    If you reformat any partition you will lose all of your data in that partition, so be careful not to do anything like that until after you get an operable installation of windows and backup your data files.

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  2. I now know that what I tried wouldn't have worked (trying to create a bootable OS on another drive by a file copy), but this isn't the problem I have.

    I do have a functioning OS. The original one on the original drive. My problem is that I am no longer able to read my second Large (10.2Gb) drive due to trouble with DDO'd and Boot records.


    Don't wait for tomorrow! Live for Today! :-)
  3. I don't think re-writing the master book record would do any more harm...it might actually resolve the problem.

    Seagate has a download called DiskWizard 200. It looks like it could solve your problem. I would think that even though you have used partition magic on the new drive, this Seagate program will allow you set up the new drive AS IF you were starting from scratch.

    I wonder how much deeper the ocean would be without sponges.
  4. http://www.seagate.com/support/kb/disc/discwiz_faq.html

    I wonder how much deeper the ocean would be without sponges.
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