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Amd Athlon II X2 240?

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September 1, 2012 11:42:21 PM

Would this fan cmdk8 7x52a a1 gp work on this processor? I am upgrading from a single core and I want to know if an AMD Athlon II 240 would work with a cmdk8 7x52a a1 gp fan. :3?

Also with the specs
AMD Athlon II X2 240 (Dual core)

How would the sims 3 run? what fps and settings?
Also what fps would skyrim and settings and fps would it run with? I Play high on skyrim now but its really laggy because I have and AMD athlon LE-1640. which is single core.

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May 21, 2013 6:21:40 AM

I know this is old but owell maybe it will help a lost googler one day, the Athlon ii 2xx series with a decent gpu can run crysis nearly max and crysis 2 if they are clocked to like 3.8ghz easy to attain by the way.

I am also sure the Athlon series of CPUs are shipped with a cmdk8 7x52a a1-GP fan+heatsink so Dont worry about that.

So sims 3 will run fine i cant imagine it using 3 cores like a BF3 64 player + large map so it will run it fine.

For Skyrim you may have to download a few tweaks and turn the LOD distance and all of the view distances, from my memory i ran it fine using a Athlon x2 ii 270 @ 3.86ghz and a hd6850 and it ran it just fine very playable 35-40+ fps on high textures and meshes but low/medium shadows and with a few .ini file tweaks. ( ) ( )
But of course if you find it struggling you can always drop the Resolution from 1080p to 720p for example.

My usual advice if your budget amd building or upgrading go for the 965be 4 cores can clock to 4ghz+ properly, and comfortably runs any game (-2013)