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I am a college student currently studying graphic design and photography and I need a new computer because my laptop isn't cutting it so I went to a local computer store today and told one of the guys that I am looking to put together a computer that can handle editing software and such as well as function as a gaming computer for around 750-800 bucks. This is what he came up with:

Intel Core i3-2100 3.1 GHz Processir
MSI H67A-G43 Motherboard
Western Digital Caviar 500 GB Hard Drive
LG Electronics Internal Drive
Super Talent DDR3 8GB Memory
iMicro Tower Case
MSI nVidia GeForce GT520 2GB Video Card

Obviously I still need a PSU and everything but you get the jist of it. Let me know what you think. I definitely want to upgrade the video card because it is a little outdated, most likely Corsair memory, as well as going with an ASUS motherboard rather than an MSI.
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  1. for $750 - 800 you can get a lot more than what the local guy is offering. I'm assuming you will need and OS and Monitor too?

    yes the video card is outdated for gaming.
    nothing wrong with the MSi Mobo, with ASUS you'll just be paying for a name. MSI is fine.
    Memory is memory unless you are trying to OC it, which you won't on that platform.
    what editing software are you going to run and what resolution for the monitor (1920x1080)?

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    even if you don't want to build it yourself we can help find some pre-built solutions too.
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