Will this ddr3 graphic card work in my drr2 motherboard?

will this xfx radeon hd 5570 drr3 1gb graphic card work on my drr2 mobo?
and yes my mobo has 1 pcie x16 slot and i also got 400 w power supply
here the graphic card i want to buy for my motherboard
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  1. Give your motherboard details as well ass more information about your system?
  2. Yes will work. The DDR2 from your motherboard don't have nothing to do with the DDR3 from the video card. You can use video card with DDR5 on your motherboard.
  3. YES........... it will work.
  4. thanks guys for your answers and time
  5. Yes, it would work, but be sure that you have a available PCI-E x16 slot in your motherboard...
  6. Yea, just so you know for the future, when a gpu is saying ddr3 or ddr5 it mean gddr which is the memory on the gpu itself which is completely different from the ram in your dimm slots.
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