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Hyper 212 evo Cpu Fan error on Bootup?

I just built a new PC and everything seems to be running ok (so far just installed win 7 X64), but when I boot up or reboot I get an error on the CPU fan telling me to go into setup by hitting F1, I go into setup and it shows me that the CPU fan is only at 5800 rpm and it's red? The fan seem s to be running ok and the temps are only 86 degrees F( I can touch the heatsink and not get burned). Is this something to do with the hyper 212, the installation(I may have used a tad bit too much thermal paste), or the motherboard software? I have "NOT" installed ANY drivers because I wanted to check and see what might be causing the error?

Any ideas on what I should do to check this problem out ?


After going back into the setup program a few times I saw that the CPU fan speed is showing as only around 538RPM and it's in red, I took the fan off and checked it out but I can't see anything wrong? No idea why I continue to get the error on bootup? Anyone else out there that can help me?
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    It's fine and expected for most fans on aftermarket coolers. The fan just runs at a lower speed than it's expecting at start up, so it thinks that the fan is failing, but it's not.

    Just set the low speed limit lower in the BIOS (I have mine set at 200 RPM, but you can even choose to have it ignore it altogether too. I don't really recommend that, though because if the fan ever did fail, you might not know it, in that case).
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