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PCI E 3.0 card work with 2.0 motherboard?

If I buy a pci e 3.0 card, like a hd radeon 7770, would it work with my pci e 2.0 motherboard? I know if it does work then it still won't work as well as if I had a 3.0 motherboard, I'm just wondering if it's possible for a 3.0 card to work in a 2.0 motherboard.
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  1. yes, they are backwards compatable
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    Yes the cards will work , they are backwards compatable with the Pci-e 2.0 slots. You are correct in that they will only work to thier full potential in a 3.0 slot but they will give very good performance in the 2.0 slot.
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  4. The 7770 will work the same in pci-e 2 or 3. GPU's still can't saturate the bandwith of 2.0.
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